ASAP Art Talks, Sunday 21. November 2010 at 3-5pm, at the ASAP exhibition space 798, Originality square

Presentation and discussion with the Austrian artists Almut Rink and Christof Schlegel, talk about there work, which is also exhibited in the show. Followed by a panels discussion: "Critical views on USA and European influences on Chinese art ". The panel participants are: Zhui Qi, curator critic, Liang Hao, artist, Shang Xiao Feng, artist, Zhang Li, curator, critic, gallery director, Fang Zheng Ning, curator, critic, Zhang Zhao Hui, curator, artist, Chiristof Schlegel, artist, Almut Rink, artist, Karel Dudesek, artist, curator, Anni Ma, Art agency, producer.

Supported by the Austrian Culture Forum Beijing, the discussion will be translated.