Barbara Anna Husar - CORE OF FLOCK

Year: 2009
Director:Barbara Anna Husar Lenght: 62min
Language: English
Subtitles: Chinese

CORE OF FLOCK is documenting the process DATA EXCHANGE of Barbara Anna Husar. The austrian artist owns a flock of goats in the desert of Sinai (Egypt). She is collecting sun dried umbilical cords from her goats. An old bedouin woman is taking care of her flock, as well as other women inside of the mountains, who live a traditional nomadic life are collecting umbilical cords for the artist. These cords are transporting information between times, cultures, existing and non existing. Husar is in touch with this tribe more than 16 years. Her special way of interacting is documented in an experimental way. CORE OF FLOCK reflects the flow of informa- tion and the coordinates of digital society. Tuned to real(analog)interconnection this film is transporting DATA EXCHANGE between archaic beat and our system of values. The final act of Data Exchange will be a hammock made out of umbilical cords.

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