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Thomas Lehner -Los Refrigeradores - Hot nights, cold fridges


Cuba on ice ? Naturally it´s served in cocktails at the beach bar ? But for the island's residents, keeping things in a cold, solid state is a matter of survival and constitutes a daily struggle. The Chinese brand Haier is dominant in Cuba. In the 1920s, a refrigerator factory was built in Qingdao, China to supply the Chinese market. In 2006 Haier shipped 300,000 fridges to the island.

Wie -yie Lauw - Nomansland

What is there to be forgotten?How do
you want to be remembered? Who will
remember you?
„Nomansland“ is based on memory trac-
es connected through time and space.
Wie-yi´s memories are deeply woven
within her multi cultural backgrounds,
which are rooted far back to China. Car-
rying different nationalities and heri-
tages in her, China triggered her curios-
ity to begin her journey in search of her
By reconstructing her fictional timeline,
she goes back in time filling up blank
spots with found photographs shot by

Heimo Lattner - The Last Picture (afterthought)

Previous works have traversed the density of the urban, whilst en-
abling specific experiences of the local. He engages audiences in
the process of viewing and listening (discovering, exploring…).
Considerations of space are at the heart of his questions concern-
ing politics in a sense that space can be both a reflection of a po-
litical atmosphere as well as being a site for which to extend politi-
cal ambitions.
He has been involved extensively in
mapping areas and constructing vi-
sual and text based “narratives” con-
fronting the specific sites of inquiry. He

Anna Hofbauer - Gehäuse enclosure b/w photo series


Here performative photo series Gehäuse (enclosure) presents a choreography of changing shapes built by the artist’s arms over here head. . .

Mike Hentz - Chinese Trilogie


More than 30 years ago I started out with paintovers. I used books or catalogues of other artists and converted them into my private everyday life workbooks, they got a new coinage. I appropriated them, gave them a more personal identity, with my diary registrations, notes, drafts, addresses and collages, they became art objects.